How to Apply

Completed Applications are due September 1 and include all of the following:

  • The Spirit of 2010 Award Application
  • CV
  • Detailed Budget Proposal
  • Personal Statement

This award can be used to defer costs of airfare, housing and program enrollment of a national or international elective that is truly an exceptional clinical experience. Alternatively, it can be used for enrollment in coursework or for travel to a conference to further a unique academic interest.

Personal Statement that includes details of proposed elective and how the experience will enhance your medical training and impact your future career. (1‐2 pages, typed, double spaced). Only completed applications will be considered and are due to the Residency Office by September 1.

From the applications received, the Class of 2010 will select the winner(s). If the funding allow for more than one project to be funded annually, then multiple stipends will be awarded. If the winning proposal requires the full amount of the stipend, then only one Award will be granted in that year. The Award Winner will be announced to the Residency in October.

The Award Winner will be asked to write a brief summary of their experience (stories/pictures) following completion of the elective for the Class of 2010.

Good luck!

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